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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Hiring Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C Turnover Services doesn’t just save you time and keep your guests happy, our staff regularly saves you time and profits. Our Specialized Turnover Staff has the experience, training, and knowledge in knowing what to look for in regards to damage or missing items, and can report a problem immediately following a guest’s departure, helping ensure hosts get fully compensated for accidents and by unruly guests.
    Cleaning for paying guests, who don’t want to be reminded that strangers have slept in their bed or eaten from their plates can be tricky and a challenging learning experience if not done correctly. A vacation rental cleaning needs to be thorough, efficient, and fast enough to limit downtime between check-out and check-in of your next guest. Areas that you might only clean once a week, once a month, or even less frequently at your personal home need to be cleaned between each guest at a vacation rental property. That means changing the beds, washing the linens and towels, wiping down the fridge, microwave, and other appliances, and getting into all the nooks and crannies a regular household clean might overlook. In fact, a vacation rental turnover cleaning is closer to a deep clean. Don’t worry, our comprehensive turnover cleaning checklist will keep you covered!
    Linens before long, can become worn and show signs of wear and tear. Adding Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C Linen Rental Program to your turnover service gives you the confidence in knowing your guests will always have new, clean, quality, sanitized, and professionally laundered linens for every single stay. Never worry about an undesirable review or frequently purchasing new linens and textiles again. Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C Linen Rental Program and Professional Laundry Service guarantees your guests have fresh linens and towels with every turnover service. With Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C wear, tear, & stain guarantee, if turnover specialist finds any sheet or towel to be damaged, worn out, or torn up they'll replace them on the spot for FREE! and your following guests are not burdened with missing or gross linens! You'll always have top linens, at fair prices, resulting in more income and better reviews!
    You want your guests to be gratified not only with the cleanliness of your property but with the entire hospitality experience. Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C restocking and presentation staging will certainly help alleviate these headaches. By stocking consumable amenities your guests expect and creating alluring visuals, your guests receive the special kind of hospitality treatment they would expect from a 5-star hotel. Helping ensure former guests recommend your rental home and return for future stays and direct booking.
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