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Don't throw in the towel

We're here to do that for you!  Our Vacation Rental Linen Program will keep your property supplied with high-quality sheets and towels forever!


Vacation Rental Linen Program


Elevate your guest's experiencea

The little things matter!  Guests always notice the little details. Having clean, fresh new sheets and soft towels will mean stellar reviews, an increase in bookings, and more income!

The Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C Vacation Rental Linen Program furnishes your vacation home with lasting, high-quality linens at reduced pricing for all our clients.

A modest cost-effective formula

Save time and money with the Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C Linen Program than shopping & buying your own and constantly replacing due to guest damages and warn out conditions. We supply your home with two sets of sheets for each bed and an abundant supply of towels based on your occupancy rate.

Enjoy the totally trouble-free service as Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C covers everything. From stocking your vacation property with bedding & towels, changing out linens between each guest, and ordering new items when needed.

The best part? We handle the professional laundering off-site, which saves you hours in cleaning time, utility costs, and appliance wear & tear—which saves your money!


Hotel-Quality linens that are up to the challenge

Your vacation home's linens will be washed substantially more often than your sheets at your personal residence, the sheets in our linen program are chosen and proven up to the challenge.Others say their sheets are quality.. ours actually are! Our commercial, hotel-quality linens are intended to withstand 100's of washings— 60% more usage than retail brands you're most likely using now. Our linens also come pre-laundered and pre-shrunk, including color-coded hem threading for easy bed size identification, cutting down on cleaning times, and saving you money. In addition, or hotel-quality brands typically meet or exceed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for purity.

No-Charge replacement for stained, worn, and torn linens

Purchasing your vacation home's linens at retail stores can cost roughly $90 per bed, with them needing to be replaced almost every 3 months due to stains and wear and tear. Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C vacation home linens can remove your risk and give you a consistent cost.

If your Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C turnover specialist finds any sheet or towel to be stained, worn out, or torn up they'll replace them on the spot for FREE! and your following guests are not burdened with missing or gross linens! You'll always have top linens, for fair prices, resulting in more income and better reviews!


Vacation Rental Linen Program

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