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Lease Rental Arbitrage

Ideal for clients that want the security of long-term lease tenants with higher than average rental income.

Minimum 6 mo - 12 mo lease agreement required.
Flat-rate Monthly Rental Income

You get paid no matter what the market holds.  If we make no money, YOU DO!

Long-term benefits with higher than average returns

Leaning toward long-term rentals... get the pros without the cons that come with long-term tenants

Complete Full Service Management
No worry--guaranteed income

Covid outbreak, weather, political decisions, economy, travel restrictions... not your concern! Get paid like any long-term tenant!

No more end-of-lease cleanings or extensive damage

Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C will leave your home cleaner and in better condition than we received it, guaranteed! 

No late rent payments!

No more worrying about your tenants' late rent payments or no payments at all

Skip the background checks

No more worrying about the mysterious past of your tenants or what they may be up to.

A higher level of security for your home than a long-term tenant 

Host Boise oversees all guests via security cameras, smart locks, noise alert tech!

High utitility costs? Not your problem!

Host Boise will put all necesarry utitilities into our names and cover the monthly charges!

Special care & maintenance provided

Your home receives the same level of care as if we were your management company! As well as benefiting from preventetive maintenance being provided free of charge!

Most of agreements require a minimum 6 month - 12 month length terms
More security, less potential income
Must allow sub-leasing as part of your agreement
May require more a 90 day notice to cancel lease-agreement after contract ends
Most of agreements require a minimum 6 month - 12 month length terms
Owner does not have keyed access to the home for guest security
Smart locks, smart thermostats and less-intrusive cameras may need to be installed


Our Lease Rental Arbitrage Rental Agreements are best for clients that are leaning towards long-term tenant rentals instead of vacation rentals. If you don't like the hassles, research, or stress of the vacation rental market?  Take a look at our Lease Arbitrage Agreement. Get many of the benefits you're looking for in long-term tenants and leave the worry to us!


Let's get your Vacation Rental Home started on the right path!

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