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Setup and Consulting

Includes everything in our Investment Consulting package as well as start-up help to get you up and running immediately!

Investment Consultation

Includes everything in our Investment Consultation package as well as start-up help to get you up and running immediately!

Airbnb Platform Account Creation

We help you create your own personal Airbnb booking platform account.

Property Listing Creation

We help create and build your listing to attract the highest occupancy and command top nightly rates.

Professional Photography

Includes our professional photographer team to visit your home and take quality edited and filtered photos of your property.

Assistance Creating Your Teams

We will advise and help set up your own team of cleaners and maintenance professionals.

Supplied Communication Templates

Not exactly sure how what to say and when to say it to online guests inquiries and booking requests? We supply you with pre-made templates ready for your use!

Move Forward with Understanding

By the time you're up and running your business, you will have a direction, a plan, and total understanding of what you'll need to do to be successful.

Additional Discounted Consulting

If we help get you up and running, we are prepared to offer you additional support, ask us a question anytime!  Feel you need more through guidance or counseling in the future? You'll receive discounted rates for that too.

Consultation Isn't Management

All aspects of starting, maintaining, growing and running your news business is completely Owners responsibility and time spent.

Limited to (1) Property

Consulting, set-up and support is supplied for 1 account, 1 listing belonging to 1 set property.


Our Set-up & Consulting Package is ideal for those interested in operating their own short term & vacation rental business. This option provides a quick set-up to get you up and running in no time, along with initial and available long term counseling and guidance on various elements such as pricing, ADR (average daily rate), income and expense evaluation, occupancy, comparable home data, ROI expectations, transient tax, insurance, regulatory climate, and investability.

Myrtle Beach Rental Pros L.L.C & Turn Over Cleaning Services

Vacation Rental Platform Full-Service Property Management

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Learn More or Schedule a Turnover BNB Cleaning today! 

Just Need Quality Turnover Cleaning Services?

Vacation Enhancement Products

Coming soon!


Let's get your Vacation Rental Home started on the right path!

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